Three Ways To Keep Your Shower Looking Fresh

28 January 2020
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Keeping the shower clean can be a tough job since it is used so often. Soap buildup, mold, and hard water stains can leave unsightly messes in the bathroom. If you want to feel like your bathroom looks like a relaxing retreat, here are three ways you can clean it to keep up with the mess!

Deep Clean

If your shower has been neglected, its time for a good deep cleaning. Shower doors, glass surrounds, and shower floors can look especially dirty. One way to deep clean without dangerous chemicals is to combine Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water. You can put it in a plastic spray bottle and liberally apply it over every surface in the shower. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then get several cleaning cloths and you should be able to wipe most of the gunk off in one wipe! This trick is especially good for the shower doors with glass because hard water and soap scum can make it look so cloudy. You will be shocked by the difference in the glass! Once the shower is all scrubbed you can wash it all down with hot water.

Daily Wipe Down

One way to keep the shower clean without a deep clean is with regular wipe downs. You can buy cloth that is meant for water clean-up because of how fast it can absorb water and dry. Every time anyone showers be sure to give it a good wipe down to dry water stains and prevent hard water build-up. You will be surprised how clean this keeps your shower. You can use a squeegee to take care of shower glass too. 

Clean the Whole Bathroom

The outside of the shower needs some regular care too. To keep the glass looking dust and print free you can use glass cleaner and a cloth to give it a good wipe down. Consider making a weekly bathroom cleaning routine that involves this step. Cleaning outside the shower is a good idea because you should tackle the whole bathroom weekly! The more often you do this the easier it will become. Your bathroom can be a place you enjoy showering and getting ready when it is peaceful and clean.

Get the most out of your bathroom by spending some time taking care of it. Keep your shower looking fresh and clean so you can look forward to your next shower!

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