Getting The Right Glass For Your Commercial Building

27 March 2020
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Working with a glass company to replace the glass in your commercial property is crucial if you want the right glass and a specific style or look to the glass they are installing for you. There are a lot of things to consider when you are upgrading or replacing the glass in a building, and getting it right the first time is essential, so working with a commercial glass contractor is vital. 

More Than A Window 

The glass on your building serves many different purposes. It lets in light, it keeps out the weather, and it can protect your property from damage or theft. When you are choosing commercial glass for your property, you can select a laminated glass that is exceptionally durable as well. 

In parts of the country where storms are common, you may want an impact-resistant glass, or if your company requires a lot of security, a bullet-resistant glass might be something you want to consider. Using an engineered glass can even add some structural support to the building while still allowing it to look great. 

Considering Aesthetics

The way your building looks can be an important consideration when selecting glass for the structure. In a historic building, you may not want to lose the original look, but you need to replace the old drafty windows with something that looks like the original glass. 

The commercial glass contractor you are working with can help you find replacement glass that looks similar to the original glass, or they may recommend having custom windows made to fit the existing space and retain the look of the building. 

If the building is ultramodern, large sheets of glass may be better suited to achieve the look you are after. Like the historical glass, making custom panels for the building may be the only way to get the look you want. In most situations, your commercial glass contractor will coordinate having the glass made and then installed on the building. 

Options To Consider

When you are updating or installing commercial glass, you may want to consider a glass that blocks UV rays or has reflective material on the outside of the glass. The coating can reduce the heat transfer inside the building and make it easier to keep cool on sunny days. 

Check with the local building inspector before ordering glass with this kind of coating on it, because some cities restrict the amount of glare the glass con produce and may have guidelines that require you to use a tint on the glass instead of the reflective material. A commercial glass contractor should know the requirements, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask the glass contractor.