4 Tips For Choosing A New Shower Door For Your Only Bathroom

19 November 2020
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Picking out a new shower door can be an exciting experience when you only have one bathroom in your home and want to make sure that it looks great afterward. If you're curious about the options for new shower doors and are eager to pick a glass door you'll be confident with, there are several things you should consider to make the right purchase.

Consider the Need for Privacy

When your home has only one bathroom, there's a good chance that multiple people may need to use it at the same time. Whether this means getting ready in the morning at the same time or brushing their teeth in the evening, you may want a shower that has some privacy.

Unlike a shower curtain that provides some natural privacy, you'll want to see the options for glass that is frosted or tinted enough to prevent anyone from seeing inside.

Prioritize Ease-of-Cleaning

Keeping the bathroom clean can be a challenge when you're sharing a single bathroom with your whole family. Instead of letting the shower door be a bigger challenge to clean than necessary, look for shower doors that can be wiped clean without leaving spots and streaks behind.

Compare Sliding and Swinging Doors

As you look at different shower doors, how they open and close is also important instead of just considering their appearance. Sliding doors can save a lot of space in the bathroom since you won't need any room for the door to swing open, but they could be more expensive compared to swinging doors.

Considering how large your bathroom is can help you decide what style of doors will be the right fit for the square footage.

Make Safety a Priority for the Glass

If you're worried about picking a glass shower door due to having children or elderly family members that will be using the bathroom, you should look for shatter-proof glass. By finding glass that won't shatter if broken and instead will come apart in large pieces, you can feel a lot more peace of mind over the safety of the shower.

Being careful to choose the right shower door can make sure that the cost is fair and that you're able to get your bathroom to turn out a lot more like you originally envisioned. With the above tips, you'll feel good about beginning to shop for your bathroom and can get the glass shower door that's the ideal match.