Repairing Common Damage To Your Commercial Windows

18 January 2021
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Commercial window damage can leave your business vulnerable to greater damage and theft while also making the building less appealing to customers. Unfortunately, there are many ways that the windows of your business could suffer extensive damage.

Hail Damage

Some individuals associate hail damage as a threat that is primarily an issue for their roof. However, the windows can also be easily damaged by impacts from hail. Strong winds may be able to blow the hailstones sideways so that they strike the side of your building and its windows. Additionally, it is possible for the hailstones to bounce on the concrete sidewalk, which could lead to them colliding with the storefront window. Hail damage can range from the window completely being shattered to it developing deep cracks along its exterior. In situations where the window glass has only suffered cracks, you might be able to repair this through the use of glass resins. However, a professional commercial window repair service will have to inspect the damage to assess whether patching the glass is an option.


Graffiti can be a common issue for buildings that are located in urban areas. While graffiti will often be left on the sides of buildings, there are some vandals that may target the windows for these markings. Unfortunately, graffiti can be extremely difficult or even impossible to remove from glass. As a result, you might need to have the glass replaced. Luckily, it is possible to mitigate this threat in the future by having graffiti films installed on your windows. In the event that damaging graffiti is left on the glass, these films can be easily removed and replaced so that the glass itself can be protected.

Leaks And Drafts

Over time, the window frame may start to warp or change shapes. This can lead to openings forming on the sides of the window that will allow moisture or drafts to impact the interior conditions of the building. Luckily, repairing these openings can be done without the need to replace the entire frame. For example, a commercial window repair service may be able to use filler to close these openings. This can be a discrete option so that your business can avoid moisture damage from leaks or uncomfortable drafts without ruining the appearance of your building's windows. These repairs should be completed promptly so that the size of the gaps can be kept small and to minimize the damage that could potentially occur. 

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