Truck Windshield Replacement: Three Tips to Minimize the Cost of Replacing a Windshield

6 May 2021
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Depending on the severity of the damage on your truck's windshield, you can either have it repaired or replaced. Conducting repairs on a severely cracked or chipped truck windshield may seem like a cheaper option; however, it is ill-advised because the repairs might not hold up for a long time. Thus you are better off replacing the windshield.

However, if you are looking for a cheap solution for your windshield replacement, here are three tips that can significantly reduce the amount of money you pay towards a truck windshield replacement.

Make Use of Auto Insurance

Depending on the reason your truck windshield needs to get replaced, your auto insurance might cover the cost of the truck windshield replacement.

For instance, if your truck was involved in an accident or a hail storm led to the windshield getting damaged, you can file a claim for the truck windshield replacement with your insurance provider. However, you need to have a valid collision or comprehensive auto insurance plan for this option to be viable.

If you have one of the above auto insurance plans, all you have to do is file a damage claim and pay the agreed-upon deductible towards the windshield replacement cost. Then your insurance company will cover the rest of the windshield replacement costs. Therefore, you will only have to pay a fraction (the deductible) of the total cost of the truck windshield replacement.

Consider Utilizing a Dealership Warranty

If you buy a brand new truck from a dealership, then you get the advantage of a warranty. Provided the warranty period has not expired, a dealership warranty usually includes repairs and replacements for truck windshields.

Therefore, if you have a valid dealership warranty, you can use it to minimize the cost of your truck's windshield replacement. In most cases, you might have to purchase a new windshield via the dealership, but you will not incur any labor costs for installing the new windshield. Hence, you will get to save money on the truck replacement costs by eliminating labor costs.

Consider Installing a Non-OEM Windshield

Contrary to popular belief, non-OEM auto parts are designed to meet the specifications and standards of OEM parts. The only difference between the two is that they come from different manufactures. However, OEM parts are more expensive than non-OEM because the OEM manufacturers use their brand recognition for hiking up the price a bit.

Thus, you can slightly reduce truck windshield replacement costs by opting to buy a cheaper non-OEM windshield instead of an OEM windshield. However, before you purchase any non-OEM truck windshield, first ensure that it meets the specifications your truck requires. Thus, it is best to ask your mechanic to recommend the best non-OEM windshield to buy.