Ready For Renovation? Ask These Questions About Custom Shower Enclosures First

22 March 2023
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What do you need to know about glass shower enclosures? If this is your first experience with a shower renovation project, take a look at the questions to ask before you start the demolition process or invest in a new shower. Is A Glass Enclosure the Right Choice For This Project?  A highly qualified glass contractor who specializes in shower/bathroom remodeling projects can help you to answer this question. Custom glass shower enclosures are ideal options if: Read More 

Signs You Need To Replace Your Auto Glass

27 January 2023
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Your car's glass keeps weather elements and debris from entering your vehicle while on the road. However, you may need to replace your car glass after some time. But what are the signs that you require auto glass replacement? Cracks Your auto glass may crack due to physical impact. For instance, the force of hard objects, such as large rocks, may cause large cracks that extend throughout your windshield. Such damage may obstruct your road view, increasing the risk of a collision. Read More