3 Warning Signs It Is Time for Residential Window Replacement

17 August 2021
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Your residential glass windows are essential to your family because they allow natural light into your house during the day. Therefore, as a homeowner, you don't have to keep your artificial lighting system on all day long, which will save you money on energy bills. Additionally, if you have unique and modern glass windows, they will improve your home's overall appearance and value. However, if your windows are faulty, your family's quality of life will get compromised. Worn-out windows will also ruin your house's aesthetics.

Replacing your residential windows is the most appropriate solution if they are damaged beyond repair. For instance, if your current windows have broken glasses and decaying frames, you should have them replaced as soon as possible instead of repairing them. Apart from that, other signs may help you know it is time for residential window replacement, including the following:

Your Windows Are Leaking

Your residential windows may be due for a replacement if they are leaking. Window leakage is an annoying problem that may cause water damage to your walls and other valuables. It may also lead to mold growth in your house and put your family's health at risk. This problem may occur when the glass seals are broken. Cracks in your windows or misaligned window sash may also cause leaking. As a homeowner, if you notice this issue, you should hire a professional to examine your windows and replace them to protect your home from water damage.  

Your Cooling and Heating Bills Are Skyrocketing

Something may be wrong with your residential windows if your cooling and heating bills have been increasing dramatically. Your cracked windows may cause a sudden increase in your monthly utility bills because they will allow conditioned air to seep out of your house. For that reason, your HVAC will have to overwork to keep your indoor temperature comfortable for your loved ones. Getting your damaged windows replaced by a professional will restore energy efficiency in your home, which will save you money on cooling and heating bills.  

A Lot of Outside Noise Is Getting into Your House

Your residential windows may also be due for a replacement if traffic sounds, dog barks, or other outside noises are getting into your house. It is an indication that your windows may have lost their soundproofing or insulation properties. In such a situation, it's advisable to hire a professional to examine and replace your windows to help you achieve a comfortable, relaxing, and quieter home.

As a homeowner, you should pay close attention to your windows to help you know when something has gone amiss. If you notice any of the above warning signs, you shouldn't hesitate to hire a certified and experienced professional to replace your windows.