Installing Impact-Resistant Windows Is A Good Way To Improve The Security Of Your Home

26 May 2022
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Impact-resistant windows are a good investment no matter where you live. They're especially useful in hurricane areas of the country since they protect your home during tropical storms and hurricanes, but they also protect your home against regular storms and intruders in other locations. Here's what you need to know about these windows.

They're Made From Laminated Glass

Impact-resistant windows are made from two panes of glass that have a thick, clear membrane between them. In addition, the glass and frames come as a set so the frames are stronger and more secure than traditional windows. These windows often come with screens too. The laminated glass is held in the frame when there's an impact that causes the glass to crack. Rather than fall apart in shards, the glass is held together in the window frame so your home remains protected.

The Windows Keep Intruders Out

Besides protecting your home against flying debris in a storm, impact-resistant windows protect against people breaking and entering. Manufacturers of these windows have to pass independent testing that verifies the glass and frames stand up to impacts. It's nearly impossible to punch through the glass and membrane to allow intruders access. However, you don't have to worry about being trapped in your house since the fire department can use a saw tool to cut through the windows in an emergency.

Since impact-resistant windows enhance home security, you might even get a break on your insurance rate, so be sure to tell your insurance agent you're getting the windows to see if you can get a reduced rate.

They Reduce The Risk Of Storm Damage

A good reason to have impact-resistant windows installed is so they protect your home during a strong storm. Window glass is one of the first things to go when the wind starts tossing branches, lawn furniture, and other debris around. Once the glass breaks, your home is vulnerable to wind damage, water, damage, and looters. Putting in windows that have glass that won't fail protects your home from these dangers.

Keeping air out of your home during a storm is important. When air gets inside your house through a cracked window, it changes the air pressure inside your home. Under the right circumstances, this can cause your walls or roof to collapse. So, impact-resistant windows could be more important than you realize if your home is ever in the path of a hurricane or other strong storm.

You can have impact-resistant windows put in any time, but since it could take several weeks to get the supplies ordered and windows installed, you may want to time the work so it will be completed before cold weather sets in.

For more info, contact a local company that sells impact-resistant windows