Are The Windows In Your Car Alright?

11 August 2022
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A lot of Americans rely on their car for their job, as well as for their social life. Getting around can be exceptionally difficult in cities with little transport, and it is practically impossible in rural areas. That is why taking care of your car is very important—but a lot of Americans don't even realize when something is wrong with their glass because of how minor the symptoms may be. Here are a few things that you should be wary of in your car, especially when it comes to the windows on the sides and front of your vehicle.

Manufacturing Issue

While much of your car is manufactured with virtually no room for error, that cannot be said of the glass. Glass windows and your windscreen are built in a way that leaves the potential for little flecks of air pockets or tiny shards of glass to get stuck in the middle of your larger window, which can be quite distracting. If you think you are seeing tiny specks of something in your window that you simply cannot get out through cleaning you are not going crazy, it really is there, and the only way to fix it is to go to a car glass shop and get it replaced with a completely clean, new window.

Chips On The Outside

It is possible for your windscreen or even your passenger and rear window to chip without cracking or breaking entirely. These chips or gouges in the glass do not completely penetrate your window, and may not even have any cracks around them, but rest assured they are dangerous to the structural integrity of your window. That weaker point on your glass window will become the area where stress is focused, and it will be far likelier to break than the rest of the window. Do not leave chips or gouges in your windows unattended or you could end up with a much worse issue very quickly.

Stuck Windows

It was not that long ago that power windows were a feature rather than standard, but now if your windows do not properly roll up or down it can be very annoying. Electronics in older cars can be unreliable at the best of times, and this can be an issue even in newer automobiles. Luckily this is often just a simple issue of wiring and connection issues rather than major structural problems and so it can be a relatively quick and cheap fix at a car glass shop.

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